Now it`s time to register for the 9th Bearpaw Kill Tournament Germany


A very special archery competition!

For the ninth time in Germany, Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products are hosting the very successful and popular Archery Kill Tournament at the famous Archery Hotel Bad where archery and historic hotel accommodations come together for your enjoyment.

While participating in this special tournament, you will experience the old time roots of modern archery.

All the shooting is done on realistic 3D animal targets and animal images. This tournament is so realistic you can imagine yourself in the forest, stalking and still hunting live animals. It is great practice for those who may participate in bowhunting at some point. Every target is placed to make the shooter feel like they are actually bow hunting.


With these unique kill tournaments, Henry Bodnik brings the experience of adventure and bow hunting back to the tournament scene. He sets up each individual shooting position himself to assure the most realistic shots possible.  The maximum shooting distance is 28 meters (30 yards).

Don’t be deceived by this relatively short distance – it’s more challenging than you may think!

  • Only shots that make it into the kill zone will give you points.
  • Shots that hit the body, outside the kill zone take points away. In this way, like in bow hunting, you are rewarded for good clean kill shots and penalized for non-killing shots.

Henry Bodnik`s Kill Tournament is a special challenge that guarantees a lot of fun and realistic bowhunting situations!

More details can be found in the brochure for the 9th Bearpaw Kill Tournament shown below.


 Attention: The number of participants is limited to 150 and many pre-registrations have already been received. So hurry – register today – don’t miss this year’s tournament!


  • At the end of the first day of the tournament, a special competition with broadheads will be held.
  •  The winners of the 3 bow classes will compete against each other in a final shoot-off for their share of the winners’ prizes of 1800 euros.
  •  At the end of the tournament there will be a Bearpaw raffle. Many high-quality prizes will be raffled off among all the participants. The grand prize winner will receive a Mohawk Chief made by Bodnik Bows.


Registrations can be made by email or directly from the Bearpaw Service Hotline:

Bearpaw Service Hotline: +49 (0) 9565 61688 0


Hotel Reservations for the Archery Hotel Bad:

The Bearpaw Kill Tournament is sponsored by: The Archery Hotel Bad, LongLife 3D Animal Targets, and the South German Bowhunting Association.