“Oh my God! A dry fire!”

18953590_1378357242251419_6854727234362511710_oOver and over you read that traditional bows are destroyed by a single dry-fire. For many – this is a controversial topic.

We would like to clear this topic up for you and share our thoughts and experiences regarding dry fires, especially as it relates to our own Bodnik Bows.

To show you how our bows handle dry fires – we made the video below. Check it out.

Of course, everyone should avoid dry fires, they are hard on bows, but if you experience a dry fire (Which is pulling a bow back to your draw and letting go with no arrow on the string. Or sometimes it is a broken nock that we are not aware of – and the bow is forced to experience a dry fire. A shot where there is no arrow to absorb the energy from the limbs.) When a dry fire occurs, all the energy stored in the limbs as you draw the bow is forced back into the bow through the string. When an archer shoots an arrow and everything goes right, the arrow absorbs the energy from the limbs and is launched from the bow. When there is an arrow, the arrow – absorbs the energy from the limbs and flies from the bow. When there is no arrow – the energy is forced back into the linmbs through the string. This is VERY hard on a bow!

At this point we would like to quote Henry Bodnik on the subject of dry fires:

If there is ever a defect in a Bodnik Bow, our guarantee stands! A good bow has to be able to endure a dry fire – and our bows can do that!
We have tested dry fires on our bows up to 55 lbs. The slick stick shown in the video endured more than 100 dry-fire shots and was still perfectly fine!
If a traditonal bow is well-built it will NOT be destroyed by a single dry fire.

A well built bow:

  • Has high quality glass laminations
  • Has high quality materials throughout the bow
  • Has the proper adhesives with high quality properties to hold together even in a dry fire
  • Has all working surfaces perfectly clean during the gluing process
  • Bowyers must perform the glue-up procedures perfectlyy
  • Ensures quality through years of experience

Our experience is very clear!

A well-built bow can not be destroyed by a SINGLE dry fire!

Under the Bodnik Bows brand, we build more than 10,000 fiberglass backed bows every year. Our bows are made by archers. Each bow is built with passion and our own heart’s blood. The bow building processes can not be automated! Skilled bowyers are a must! Each bow utilyzes natural materials. It takes a trained eye and the skill of a true craftsman to work with the many natural materials, gluing them together, and shaping them into the beautiful longbows and recurve bows that are now known as Bodnik Bows. The mark of quality and excellence in traditional bows. Our bowyers are artists!


Our Bodnik Bows bowyers take total responsibility for every single lamination!

Our skilled Bodnik Bows bowyers, with their many years of experience are our greatest investment!

We believe that Bearpaw customers who purchase a product because of the reputation of our brand deserve to be protected by a stong guarantee backed by our brand!

Delamination on our Bodnik Bow limbs is less than 1%! We stand behind our bows with a strong guarantee of 30 years! In the USA, we call this guarantee a full “Lifetime Warranty.” Again, in Europe, we promise to continue to guarantee our bows – even after these 30 years. The concept of a lifelong guarantee is not clearly defined by European law – so we will do it!

“Here at Bearpaw Products we consider your purchase of a Bodnik Bow, the beginning of a partnership!”

Henry M Bodnik

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