One of the Secrets behind the Bodnik Bows

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The 30-year warranty and the high performance of our Bodnik Bows are all the rage worldwide.

Basically, it is not magic!

In recent years, more than 40,000 bows have left the bow manufactory of Bodnik Bows and are shot in the entire world of traditional archery. Through intensive work with our bows, we have achieved a comprehensive knowledge of materials, bow geometry and manufacture of traditional bows. We never stand still and have been doing continuous research in this area.

It’s obvious!
With so many bows produced quite a lot of experience has come together!
People learn from mistakes and customers benefit from this progress!

Is there any other producer who gives a 30 years warranty?!

We only use the best materials for our Bodnik Bows to ensure their performance and quality.

To our experience, the glass laminate we use is unique in the world market. Its technical characteristics have proved a recipe for performance and quality! Only with the use of the Power Glass laminate for our bows, we have been able to call the unique Bodnik Bows warranty of 30 years to life. We have clearly opted for quality with the selection of our glass laminate. Even if the optical properties of the clear glass laminate are not yet perfect. The high proportion of rovings (thin glass strands) in our glass laminate ensures a high level of performance and stability. Along with the research department of our glass manufacturer, we have been working for more than a year to remove the little optical downer.

Not only do we want to use an enormously powerful glass laminate!
We also want to have the most beautiful and clearest glass laminate for our Bodnik Bows!

There is yet another small downer:
All Bodnik bows produced in series at the moment have a delivery time of about 6 weeks due to high demand.
The bow production is now sold out for 6 weeks!
And whoever orders a Bodnik Bow custom bow today must wait until December to get it.

Thank you to all our customers for your trust and patience!

Below we have published the data sheets for the excellent features of our glass laminate for everyone to access.

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