Only 5 days left before Henry Bodnik’s 9th Bearpaw Kill Tournament!


Next weekend Henry Bodnik’s famous Bearpaw Kill Tournament will be held, or better yet, should we say celebrated?

On May 6, 2017, our Kill Tournament 2017 begins in Eisenbach / Hochschwarzwald!

This is a very special tournament with very challenging and exciting shots!

Especially the prizes that can be won by the most accurate shooters!

Each year at the end of the tournament we raffle off more than 20 top quality prizes. This year one lucky archer will take home a new Mohawk Chief bow from Bodnik Bows. We will be giving away many LongLife 3 D animal targets and other great prizes in our raffle. All participants will have the chance to win! For the top shooters we have generous cash bonuses!

Florentin Garcia, the well-known Spanish archer, took part in our 8th kill tournament last year and made a nice video that you can see below!

Get ready for Henry Bodnik’s Kill Tournament!

 Originally this type of archery was used in the USA to prepare bowhunters for the upcoming hunting season, but that has developed into something completely different today. Through the years, what started out as perfect practice for real world bowhunting has turned into something else altogether. It is now an official sport called 3D target tournaments. Now there are shots out to 50 and even 60 meters! Instinctive bowhunters don’t take shots at animals that far away. It is very sterile, very structured and is nothing like what it was when it all started many years ago. The shots are boring, repetitive, and are without any particular challenges.

Distance! Distance! Distance! Distance! Distance!

The true “Spirit of Bowhunting” has been lost!

When I went to my first archery tournaments, this amazing ‘Spirit of Bowhunting’ was everywhere! We all felt it, the excitement of the hunt was real – and we went to tournaments to make “great” shots!

This exciting feeling is alive in all of my kill tournaments! I personally set up each target. I make the shots very realistic, like you are really bowhunting. I get the inspiration for these target set ups from a combination of my countless tournaments and from actual bow hunting experiences I have had.

Maximum distances at my kill tournaments are 28 meters!

Shhhh… There stands a marmot at a distance of 5-8 meters!

But Shoot carefully!

Only an arrow in the kill zone will give you any points!

I guarantee that you will have an extraordinary experience at my kill tournament!
(Henry M Bodnik)


There is still time to register for the 9th kill tournament! Contact the email-adress below to register:


At the end of the second day of the competition the top archers of the various bow classes will shoot it out in a special final competition against each other. It is then we will see who will win the cash prizes and who will be our best archer and become the winner of the 9th kill tournament!

1st prize: 1000 Euro and the prestige of being named the tournament winner!
2nd prize: 500 Euro
3rd Prize: 300 Euro


 Remember to bring a hunting arrow with a broadhead on it for our special contest on Saturday afternoon!

Again, on Saturday afternoon Henry Bodnik will moderate and announce the Real Kill results.

Be sure to pre-register – the number of participants is limited.



You will find all the important kill tournament details in our brochure.

There is still time to register for the 9th kill tournament! Contact the email-adress below to register:


There is still time to register for the 9th kill tournament! Contact the email-adress  below to register:

We look forward to seeing you!