Our Bearpaw Calendar can be ordered!

Finally it is here!
Many customers have been waiting for our new calendar for the year 2014. Again, we have tried to capture special pictures around Instinctive Archery and Bearpaw Products. Markus took countless pictures on many days to capture unique moments and moods. Details of bows aren’t missing just as evocative images with Sandra, Susan and Sabrina.

Let yourself and your passion for Instinctive and Traditional Archery be accompanied by beautiful images and moods through the new year 2014.

You can get the new Bearpaw Calendar for 2014 at any good Bearpaw dealer or directly from our Bearpaw shop, of course.

As of Wednesday, 30th October 2013, the calendar can be ordered in our Bearpaw shop.
As of 1st December 2013, the calendar will be sent out.

Bearpaw Calendar