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Our Dura Stop Arrow Netting is Now available as a Set!

60052-04-Dura-Backstop-KitSafety in archery is always the number one concern!

Especially, if you shoot a bow and arrow in your own yard at home, an arrow stopping backstop net is indispensable.

Our Dura Stop Arrow Netting is used all over the world! An effective arrow backstop net must be flexible and have the ability to ‘give’ at impact. That way the arrow netting’s movement drains the energy from the arrows to stop them. Our Dura Arrow Backstop Netting is particularly light and flexible and has proven itself as especially effective at stopping arrows and keeping everyone safe.

We’re excited to introduce a NEW Dura Arrow Stop Net product!

The Dura Stop Arrow Net Set for 159,– Euro

Shop online for the Dura Stop Arrow Net Set


Especially when you’re shooting at home it has never been easy to set up an arrow stopping backstop net – Until now!

Now our Dura Stop Arrow Net Set is available to you, and offers all archers the ability to quickly set up an effective arrow backstop.

Whether you put it up behind your house, in your yard, or in a field – our Dura Stop Arrow Net Set is at home and in its element. It can be set up quickly and easily and offers safety and arrow protection behind any 3D animal target or a regular round target. For archery courses, tournaments or other archery events, the Dura Stop Arrow Net Sets are just what you need.

Bonus – Save time looking for lost arrows! When the Dura Stop Arrow Net catches your arrows, they are easy to find. No more looking in the grass and weeds for lost arrows!

Our new Dura Stop Arrow Netting has passed all our tests with flying colors! Both ultra-thin carbon arrows and carbon arrows of thicker diameters are controlled by our netting and provide a extremely low penetration percentage. The Dura Stop Arrow Net Set includes; plastic hooks, installation and operating instructions as well as PVC-sheathed steel cable.

  • Height: 2 Meters (Tolerance 5%)
  • Length: 2 Meters (Tolerance 5%)
  • Color: White
  • Accessories: aluminum poles, tensioning cables, stakes, carrying bag

Please always follow the enclosed assembly and operating instructions.
For the Dura Stop Arrow Net Set we use our white Dura Stop Netting!


The NEW Dura Stop Arrow Net Set is available from any well stocked Bearpaw dealer or directly from the Bearpaw Shop.

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