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News from Anna Catling! Bodnik Bows i...

News from Anna Catling! Bodnik Bows in the UK!

In this blog post I am going to steer away from my own opinions and take a look at what others think of Bodnik bows. Some members of my club at Fort Purbrook have recently bought Bodnik Bows. After hearing their stories of success, I interviewed them about their bows. The three people I have […]

Revolutionizing Archery – The B...

Revolutionizing Archery – The Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer

Our video of the Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer is now online! The Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer can be ordered now! Bearpaw Products is changing the world of archery and making history! At the world’s largest archery trade show, held in the USA, the Arrow Analyzer was celebrated as the best new archery innovation in years! Before we […]

WIN Your Own #bodnikbows #kiowa

WIN Your Own #bodnikbows #kiowa

Here at BEARPAW PRODUCTS we’re are facing an exciting decision: We’re going to give our Kiowa recurve bow a facelift – but we’re not sure exactly how that should look. Henry Bodnik came up with a great solution: We asked ourselves, who can help us to best decide how we should make the new Kiowa […]

Fun with the Kid`s bow Little Mingo

Fun with the Kid`s bow Little Mingo

Many thanks to Simon Bode from the Bode archery shop for this great video highlighting our new kids bow the Little Mingo. Here at Bearpaw we understand how important it is for children interested in shooting bows and arrows to have bows that are made specifically for them. To have bows that are beautiful and […]

Finally – our new Feel the Spir...

Finally – our new Feel the Spirit video for 2017 is available online!

We’re excited to announce the new Feel the Spirit video for 2017. This new film has been a long time coming. We have had plenty of opportunities to film our archery activities but we finally captured an afternoon of instinctive archery roving for this video and, as always, you will definitely ‘feel the spirit’ when […]

The new Anubis hybrid longbow is simp...

The new Anubis hybrid longbow is simply amazing!

Bearpaw Products and the Arrowforge company enjoy a very close working relationship. It’s no wonder that Arrowforge became a Bearpaw Products Gold dealer for 2017. Together, Lino Coscia of Arrowforge and Henry Bodnik of Bearpaw Products have designed, developed, and are now producing an extraordinary new hybrid longbow called the Anubis. This special bow will […]

Arrowforge, a special dealer of Bearp...

Arrowforge, a special dealer of Bearpaw Products is in the fast lane!

Heartfelt Thanks to Lino Coscia and the entire team at Arrowforge! Here at Bearpaw Products we stand behind every single Bearpaw dealer. We acknowledge them all as an important part of our global network of Bearpaw dealers. We understand that in this age of the Internet there are three key components that all retail shop […]

A very special limb bolt for your Bod...

A very special limb bolt for your Bodnik Bows Take Down

Exclusive for all owners of a Takedown Bodnik bow! All Mowhawk (Recurve and Hybride) All Big Bears All Custom takedow bows All Mohawk Chiefs We offer hand made resin Traditional antler limb bolts.
Write us a e-mail and tell us your bow type and make a choise of color, brown ore dark.

Price € 47,50 per […]

Now it`s time to register for the 9th...

Now it`s time to register for the 9th Bearpaw Kill Tournament Germany

A very special archery competition! For the ninth time in Germany, Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products are hosting the very successful and popular Archery Kill Tournament at the famous Archery Hotel Bad where archery and historic hotel accommodations come together for your enjoyment. While participating in this special tournament, you will experience the old time […]

The Henry Bodnik Signature Stick

The Henry Bodnik Signature Stick

Grizzly Jim is well known around the world because of his passion for instinctive archery. In the UK he is nearly a household name – all the instinctive archers there know about him. His excellent instinctive shooting archery video clips are quite popular – they’re ‘clicked’ and watched all over the world. Whenever Grizzly Jim […]