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The Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Austri...

The Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Austria is legendary!

On the 11th and 12th of August the 3rd Bearpaw Kill tournament held in Austria takes place in Styria. There are already 120 spots reserved and our tournament is limited to 150 participants so sign up soon! Registration for the 3rd Kill Tournament in Austria After last year’s event we came up with some pretty […]

Elephant hunting at the Bogensporthot...

Elephant hunting at the Bogensporthotel Bad

Now an elephant calls the Black Forest home! Hubert Wursthorn has created a very special place with his archery themed  Bogensporthotel here in Germany. Archery is his passion and it comes to life here at his wonderful hotel!   The Bogensporthotel Bad is located in the beautiful landscape of the Black Forest. It is here, that Henry Bodnik has […]

Bearpaw Products and Rose City Archer...

Bearpaw Products and Rose City Archery have formed a perfect partnership!

Today we have great news for all our business partners and all our friends in traditional archery. True to the motto “What belongs together,grows together”, we set a goal for 2018 at Bearpaw Products to find the best source of Port Orford cedar shafting, arguably the best wood for wooden shafts ever made, for our […]

Surprise! – Two new 3D raccoon ...

Surprise! – Two new 3D raccoon targets from Longlife!

Bearpaw Products and Longlife 3D Animal Targets are now offering two new 3D raccoon targets. We have added a running raccoon and a raccoon with an apple to our family of Longlife 3D targets that are available through Bearpaw Products. It is becoming more and more important to have groups of animals rather than just single animlas on 3D […]

Thank you for your loyalty to Bearpaw...

Thank you for your loyalty to Bearpaw Products!

Thank you very much for your loyalty and the many years of service you gave to us all here at Bearpaw Products! Monja Brunner has been with Bearpaw Products since the early days. For well over 10 years, Monja has helped guide Bearpaw Products to where it is today, the world market leader of traditional […]

The 10th German Kill Tournament from ...

The 10th German Kill Tournament from Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products

The Bearpaw Kill Tournament by Henry Bodnik is now legendary around the world for its challanging and realistic format. The 2018 German Kill Tournament will be held the 5th and 6th of May on the beautiful grounds of the Bogensporthotel in Eisenbach. Below you will find the announcement for our 10th Bearpaw Kill Tournament to be held […]

Announcing the NEW 13″ Mohawk R...

Announcing the NEW 13″ Mohawk Riser from Bodnik Bows!

Here at Bodnik Bows we knew how important it was for us to take our time in the development of the new 13″ riser for our amazingly popular Mohawk because we wanted to get it right from the very start. We are very proud of the beautiful and functional result! A few weeks ago Henry Bodnik introduced the […]

How fast are the Bodnik Bows Anubis b...

How fast are the Bodnik Bows Anubis bows REALLY?

Bearpaw Products has a very tight relationship with the folks at Arrowforge, and we have worked together passionately on the Anubis project. Together with Lino and Carina Coscia we designed the bows of the Anubis family for the Arrowforge company. These impressive bows of the Anubis family are built exclusively for our partner Arrowforge and […]

Information on the draw force curve o...

Information on the draw force curve of the New Bodnik Longbow

Thank you very much for all the positive feedback you’ve sent us on our new Bodnik Longbow. Since the launch a few weeks ago, we have received fantastict feedback from many of our friends in archery, bow hunters and of course our Bearpaw dealers regarding the Bodnik Longbow. We have supplemented our online data for […]

Beautiful Natural Barred Feathers are...

Beautiful Natural Barred Feathers are Perfect for Your Very Best Arrows

When my friend Tim Cosgrove of Kustom King Archery showed me pictures of true natural barred turkey feathers with the various striped patterns and unique shades of grey and white, I was immediately hooked. I knew that I had to make these unique feathers available to all our Bearpaw dealers. I had no doubt that archers […]