Partnership in times of crisis!

Partnership in times of crisis!
Best practice for quick solution orientation in times of emergency

“Der Waldläufer” and BEARPAW PRODUCTS are linked by a long-standing partnership.
When in the middle of March the extent of the Corona crisis unfolded its full impact, the base of livelihood of many archery dealers has torn away from under their feet. Also, the shop and the “Der Waldläufer’s” courses had to be closed and thus from one day to the next all sources of income dried up. In order to offer help as quickly as possible, we at BEARPAW supported our partner, in setting up their own online shop quickly and in a solution-oriented manner. Have a look at the result – Click here!

Why the owners Sonja and Roland Volk decided to take this big step, you can find out here:

BP: Hello Sonja and Roland, how much did the Corona crisis affect you as a retailer?

WL: After all, there had never been such a situation before! We could no longer assist all archery friends, we first put those interested off – then we advised them by phone and Skype and took orders for arrows and accessories by email or phone. We had to deny access to course visitors, cancel events and from one day to the next nothing was the same as before. Sure, suddenly you have a lot of time; use it to work up what you left behind – muck out, clean up. Until the moment comes where it’s clear – but that takes much longer than we thought. How long nobody knows, but before you get depressed – you have to think productively – something new has to be created. How long nobody knows! Before you get depressed – you have to think productively – something new has to be created. Fortunately, our head is round, so the thought can change direction.

BP: In this difficult phase you have nevertheless made a courageous decision. What made you decide to launch the online shop?

WL: We have always vehemently rejected an online shop. In order to buy a bow that fits your personality, you need many criteria that are difficult to represent online. Starting with the personal greeting, the idea of who we are, the empathic assessment of the person in front of us, the personal appreciation, the free after-sales service, the raw shaft test… and many more reasons. Up to now, this has only been possible for us in personal contact. A crisis like the Corona Pandemic certainly makes you think. Generating turnover is an economic necessity but not at any price. To solve this paradox commercially was the exciting question in the development process of our online shop. Without throwing our principles overboard and staying authentic, we thought about how we could transport our philosophy online. Facial expressions remain facial expressions and haptics remain haptics but the ability to successfully carry out a bow consultation using virtual media has awakened our ambition. Several consultations by phone and Skype have shown us that we have to choose a different way of addressing the customer to achieve similar results. Our declared goal is to advise our customers as well as they are used to and to get the maximum benefit for the customer.

BP: What can your online customers expect from the “Der Waldläufer” online shop in the future?

WL: First of all we are working on high availability of the products. However, it is very important to us that online customers are not afraid to take advantage of a personal, telephone consultation before they press the “buy” button. We would like to let every online customer benefit from our 10 years of experience in consulting and selling archery products. Our online shop is certainly different in its design and messages than usual – take a look and let yourself be surprised.

BP: Why did you decide to implement this project with BEARPAW PRODUCTS?

WL: Bearpaw Products has been a partner from the very beginning. We have been working together fairly and successfully for 10 years. And quite honestly, you made us a great offer during the extremely difficult phase. If retailers like us get into difficulties because of this crisis, in the long run, it will also affect the wholesaler. Only if we pull together can we master this crisis economically and be there for our customers again.

BP: What message do you want to send to our readers at this stage?

WL: Instinctive archery is a matter of the heart! You know the song “Heart over head”? To lead a company, even a small one like ours, out of a crisis requires rational considerations and structures and yet the decision to initiate an online shop was an intuitive decision. We wish our customers the courage to try it for themselves again. Because as with intuitive archery, not every shot is a hit into the kill and yet the joy of the actual “doing” is very valuable for us and gives us great moments of happiness. We have worked long and hard for it and we don’t let an “invisible” person take that away from us.


We would like to thank Sonja and Roland for their trustful partnership and are happy that we could take this step forward together.

For all dealers who are interested in setting up an online shop quickly and easily with our support: We are always available at +49 (0) 9565 61688 0 or

♥ Your BEARPAW team