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Penthalon Overhead Point Increases Lifetime of Thin Carbon Shafts

The Slim Line Penthalon carbon shafts are available in a perfect selection of spine values ​​500 – 1300. Especially the soft spine values ​​of 800, 1000 and 1300 are a big hit and are very popular.
Especially for bows with draw weights from 15 to 40 lbs, these thin carbon shafts can achieve amazing performances and extremely flat trajectories.

These soft spine values can only be produced if overall diameter and wall thickness of the carbon shafts are reduced. Unfortunately, the shafts in these important spine values ​​are thus more vulnerable, and can also be easily damaged when shots miss.

For some time already, tips and products for thin carbon arrows are available on the market which minimize both damage and destruction. We have addressed these important ideas and realized them with the Penthalon Overhead Point.

Penthalon Hutspitze

The new Penthalon Overhead Point fits like a hat on top of the carbon arrow while the long insert of the point is inserted and glued into into the hollow carbon shaft. This is how both destruction and damage of your carbon arrows are minimized and they withstand harder strain.

Penthalon Hutspitze

Over the next few months, these new points will be used for all Penthalon Slim Line arrows. For the spine values ​​of 800 and 1000, the new Overhead Points are already shipped as standard equipment. The shafts in the spine value in 1300 will also be combined with the new Overhead Point in the course of the next two weeks.
Shafts and arrows in the spine values ​​500 and 600 are sent as before with the standard adhesive point.