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Penthalon Protector Hats Considerably Prolong the Lifespan of a Carbon Arrow

10102 (2)Henry Bodnik simply loves the new Protector Hats!

This small hat for your carbon shaft makes all the difference!

With it, carbon arrows simply live 100% longer. The arrow can even survive hits on stone and other hard objects. Our Protector Hats underwent an endurance test on the 3D-course of Archery Parks in the Franconian Switzerland. This 3D-course is not only exceptionally beautiful but is also considered one of the most demanding in Bavaria. Our Slim Line Carbon arrows saw many misses and survived hard hits on stone. We came back without a single broken arrow from the Archery Park in the Franconian Switzerland. It takes a lot to break or destroy an arrow with this new set up.

The advantages of the new Penthalon Protector Hats are quite easy to get to the point:

The arrow lives longer!!!!!!

We need to emphasize this just a little more:

“It has been about time that such a helpful product has found its way to the archers. It’s time for the Penthalon Protector Hat.”

10102_2This small hat made from stainless steel is simply pushed onto the carbon shaft before the assembly of the point or nock. A small overhang prevents any slipping of the Protector Hat. Then point, nock, and inserts are assembled. It is not necessary to additionally fix the protector hat with adhesive. The Protector Hat seals the carbon shaft and protects him.

The Protector Hat is perfect for our Slim Line Carbon arrows!

10102_1It is produced in Germany in one of the best manufacturing facilities here. This fact is important to us because quality and fit need to be perfect.

In the following, you’ll find the selection table for Protector Hats for our Slim Line arrows.


At this point we have to give a very clear recommendation for our customers and all other archers.

“Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products recommend using Penthalon Protector Hats for all carbon arrows. Together with our new Break Up points made of stainless steel, this is the perfect combination for our Slim Line Carbon arrows.”

10337 (2)Here’s the link to the new Penthalon Protector Hats:

Link Penthalon Protector Hats