Penthalon Slim Line Goes Stainless Steel

10337 (2)The Overhat Point for our Penthalon Slim Line arrows has become obsolete!

It was not an easy decision and we took some time to decide whether or not we should rule out our Overhat Point. Ultimately, we were convinced by 3 arguments by you, our customers:

  1. The Hat Point often damaged 3 D targets and other arrow catching devices when pulling the arrows out.
  2. It is absolutely necessary to have more choice in terms of point weights.
  3. The Hat Point’s protection of the arrow was not optimal.

Together with our German manufacturers we have been able to implement significant improvements with the new Penthalon Break Up Points, which we would like to present here briefly:

1. One point can be used for several Spine values.

Break Up Point 300-400 matches spine values ​​300* and 400.

Break Up Point 500-800 matches spine values ​​500, 600 and 800.

Break Up Point 1000 – 1600 fits spine values ​ 1000, 1300 and 1600.

(* Spine value 300 is not yet available.)

2. Each point can be set optimally for an archer’s individual needs with its several weight segments.

Break Up Point 300 – 400: 125, 100 or 75 grs.

Break Up Point 500 – 800: 125, 100 or 75 grs.

Break Up Point 1000 – 1600: 100, 75 or 50 grs.

The individual weight segments of the new Penthalon Slim Line Break Up Point have been selected by Henry Bodnik specifically for the needs of instinctive archers.


The new stainless steel points have already found their way to many satisfied customers. In order to improve the protection of your arrow significantly, we decided to furthermore offer Protector Hats in the future. After extensive testing, we can confirm that the use of these “steel hats” will protect your arrow against massive damage and destruction in the part of the arrowhead. The “Penthalon Protector Hats” will be available within the next 10 days in our Bearpaw Shop.

We will shortly report on the Protector Hats here on the blog.

Link to Penthalon Stainless Steel Break Up Point