Penthalon Speed Nock “Made in Germany”

10460We have recently shared the news via this blog that our arrow nocks are now to be produced in Germany to allow us the control needed to guarantee that they meet Bearpaw quality standards.

The success story of our new Penthalon carbon shafts has been incredible. In particular our fans and customers worldwide have been supremely impressed with the fantastic quality of ourĀ  Penthalon Hunter Extreme shafts.

It goes without saying that the nocks for the Penthalon Carbon shafts should meet those same standards!


We will accept no compromises in regards to our new Penthalon speed nock .245 and we are set to have 100% of the production in Germany with 100% Bearpaw quality.
Since our last report the progress of our new Penthalon speed nock is at an advanced stage and the production of our injection molding tool is in full swing. We want to share with you the progress being made with a few photos from the construction phase of our tooling.


Our partner here in Germany has completed an important step and has the digital design of the new tool down to the tiniest detail. We must also of course ensure that the nock will withstand the immense loads from the Bodnik Bows and no weak points emerge. We are particularly keen to ensure that our high quality standards are applied to the construction of the Penthalon speed nock .245


We have decided to simultaneously produce only 4 nocks in our production tool in order to control the quality as precisely as possible. Each mold within the tool has to be extremely carefully constructed so that there are no differences between the individual nocks at the end of the process.Schnitt

For the manufacturing process the tooling is coupled with an injection machine but can of course be exchanged for other molds. Our end goal is to have all of our other nocks produced here in Germany within the next few months.

TradLine ZSB

The entire mold is now being made specifically for Bearpaw Products and must be made of extremely durable and stable steel. In the very near future we will receive the first samples to control and test the shape, functionality and dimensions.

We are already incredibly excited at Bearpaw Products about the new Penthalon Speed nocks .245

Made in Germany

The Penthalon Speed Nocke .245 fits the following shafts.

Penthalon Traditional Black
Penthalon Traditional Timber
Penthalon Traditional Bamboo
Penthalon Hunter Extreme

All other carbon shafts are with an internal diameter of .245 (Easton Standard).

Here we would like to ask for you understanding in the matter of supply. There may be shortages of nocks for our Penthalon carbon shafts until the completion of our tooling. The new Penthalon Speed nocks .245 should be available end of March via our online shop.