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Penthalon Timber Sticks from Bearpaw

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw

Together the company Gold Tip and Bearpaw have conceived an optimal carbon shaft for traditional archery. From all the carbon shafts available the new Penthalon Timber Stick has several fundamental characteristics that make it especially interesting for the traditional archer . We have been working together with the company Gold Tip successfully for several years and were able to bring our thoughts and ideas into reality.

From our experience the carbon shafts from Gold Tip are unbeatable in quality and durability. Only high quality carbon is used together with the most modern techniques. Even after use the carbon shafts from Gold Tip are absolutely straight and maintain the technical specs. This is NOT a given.

Here is a list of the most important improvements to the new Timber Sticks:


We use a high quality attractive laminate in a dark “Timber” wood look. Many archers consider these the most handsome carbon shafts in the traditional archery scene.

Clear labeling:

Clearly marked with the spine value. No confusing special values or descriptions.

Arrow lengths:

Optimal arrow lengths, to guarantee the optimal spine value for the application.

Spine value        Arrow length

600                        32”

500                        32“

400                        32“

300                        32“

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw

New Penthalon Long Insert:

All of the arrow shafts will have a new „Long Insert“ as standard equipment. This will increase the endurance of the arrow as well as the adhesive strength of the inserts. The new features  of these Inserts will be presented here in our blog in one week.


The proven carbon structure from Gold Tip guarantees that these arrows have a high load capacity.

Spine: Weight: Straigtness: Length: Long Insert:
300 11,0 0,006 32“ yes
400 9,3 0,006 32“ yes
500 8,6 0,006 32“ yes
600 7,6 0,006 32“ yes

My first choice for carbon shafts is clearly the Timber Sticks.

By the middle of June these shafts will be available at most Bearpaw dealers.

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw