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Product Line “Penthalon”

Carbon shafts and carbon arrows from Bearpaw

Penthalon Shafts from Bearpaw Products

General Information

The carbon shaft arrows are becoming more popular in traditional archery all the time. Many archers have been convinced through their longevity. Today the carbon arrows are being used by traditional long bow archers when practicing in the forest, the open fields and on the 3D training courses.

Unfortunately there was a significant gap in the offerings from the established production companies for the traditional archers. Carbon shafts with a spine from 500 to 1300 were difficult to acquire. Additionally they were not available with the wood designs within this spine range and those that were available were mostly available in short lengths.

In order to satisfy the various customer demands in this area Bearpaw Products presents the Penthalon product line.

The Penthalon – series was developed especially for Bearpaw Products and closes this gap. Bearpaw Product’s goal was and is high durability. This is achieved through special carbon layer orientation and an exact number of carbon layers. This should help to prevent needless splintering when a break occurs under extreme conditions.

Here are the product families:

Penthalon Bowhunter Line – – – >>>>>click here<<<<<

Penthalon Slim Line – – – >>>>>click here<<<<<


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