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Timber Sticks

Within here you can find the Penthalon Carbon Shafts for rough environments at 3D shootings, for roving and for bow hunting. Together with our long time business partner Gold Tip from Salt Lake City, US we designed those shafts. Those shafts are considered as the most robust and most accurate ones in the industry. Our legendary endurance test, where Gold Tip shafts were shot from very short distance on concrete plates, was documented on a movie and proved the shafts superb quality. Shafts from the Penthalon Bowhunter Line can only be bought at Bearpaw Dealers!

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw

Penthalon Timber Sticks
Together with Gold Tip Bearpaw Products has designed an optimized Carbon shaft for traditional Archery. The new Penthalon Timber Stick has a couple of key features, which makes it particular interesting for the traditional Archer. Bearpaw Products works intensively together with Gold Tip now for many years and forms a very strong development team.

According to our experience, we think that the carbon shafts from Gold Tip are, in the areas of quality and endurance, in the market right now unbeatable. Because only highest value and strength carbon fibers, in combination with sophisticated production technology, are used. Even after high stress situations those shafts from Gold Tip are absolutely straight and do not loose its specifications. Here, the “Flex it First” statement of Gold Tip speaks by its own. Surely, this is not a standard in the industry.

We use an high value “paper skin” in dark “Timber” wooden décor. Many archers deem this as the most beautiful in the scene.
Clear Labelling:
Clear labelling with the corresponding Spine Values. No confusing special values or descriptions. The Timber Sticks are available with Spine values of 600, 500, 400 or 300.

Shaft Lengths:
Optimised shafts lengths were generated in order to have at all spine values the full option to generate long shafts.
Spine Value Shaft Lengths
Spine 600 -> 32″
Spine 500 -> 32″
Spine 400 -> 32″
Spine 300 -> 32″

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw

New Penthalon Long Insert:
We supply attached to all Penthalon Shafts “Long Insert” as a standard item. With that we increase the durability of the shafts as well the bond strengths of the inserts to the shafts. To the new features of the inserts we will publicize shortly at the same blog side further information and details.

The proved carbon structure of Gold tip Shafts guarantees also at those shafts an extreme high durability.
Penthalon Timber Sticks as well as Long Inserts are produced from Gold Tip exclusively from Gold Tip for Bearpaw. In the following you see some technical details of the timber Sticks:

Spine: Weight: Straigtness: Length: Long Instert:
300 11,0 0,006 32“ ja
400 9,3 0,006 32“ ja
500 8,6 0,006 32“ ja
600 7,6 0,006 32“ ja

My first choice at carbon shafts are clearly the Timber Sticks. From middle of June those shafts will be available at Bearpaw Dealers.

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw

Penthalon Timber Sticks Bearpaw

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