Penthalon Traditional Line

Penthalon Traditional Line Carbon Shafts

Henry Bodnik has developed the arrow weight, precision and length of these carbon shafts in line with the needs of instinctive archers and traditional archery.

The Penthalon Traditional Black  is the perfect mix of price and quality!!!!!

10459The Penthalon Traditional Black  is a robust and inexpensive shaft for everyday use in training, competition and hunting.


Penthalon Traditional Bamboo, a fantastic design!

10470This carbon shaft is hard to distinguish from a shaft of natural bamboo. Even the bamboo nodes are shown in this deceptively real carbon shaft.

The Traditional Bamboo would be a jewel in any quiver.



Penthalon Heavy Hunter & Traditional Timber

The Penthalon Heavy Hunter and Penthalon Traditional Timber shafts will arrive with us during the month of January and will be available from February in the Bearpaw Shop. In these two carbon shafts we needed a little longer in the technical development and design.