Bearpaw Products

Bearpaw Products is the worldwide leading producer and distributor of products for Traditional Archery. If we determine a niche in the market which is not sufficiently served, then we will not rest before we can offer the best possible product at the most competitive price.

Furthermore, Bearpaw Products is also recognized as technically highly competent, and with its technically smart products it can’t be missed on the market anymore. With every newly developed device, we offer highest comfort and a high grade of functionality to our customers. This is so far unmatched by competitor products. Due to that, Bearpaw Products can provide very valuable unique selling points to its distributors and whole-sale shops.

Highly innovative products are constantly developed in the centre of development of Bearpaw Products in Germany. From the first idea to the final product and finally to the “release for mass production”, the complete processes of development are governed and supervised by Bearpaw engineers and technicians.

In order to secure the best possible margins for our customers, Bearpaw Products manufactures their products worldwide at the most competitive production locations. Our technicians are regularly on-site to make sure German quality and production standards will be strictly adhered to and are maintained during the complete cycle of production.

Furthermore, we already provide products on an OEM-base with our customers’ own logo and brand. This means we can provide additional cost advantages to our customers by delivering Ex Works from our production locations in Asia and Europe.

Bearpaw Product Families:

  • Leather items
  • Traditional bows
  • Spruce and Pine arrow shafts
  • Spruce and Pine arrows
  • High end tools and hardware
  • LongLife 3 D targets
  • Arrow accessories
  • Foam targets

The Bearpaw Worldwide Dealer Network is thought as a global network of dealers, in which information and products are offered at a very healthy price.

Advantages for Bearpaw whole-sale shops and distributors:

  • Stable prices
  • Solid margins
  • Innovative products
  • High availability of products
  • Globally positioned and globally thinking company
  • Qualified personal and expert advice