Pre-Christmas time at Bearpaw Products

Verpacken_2015 (2)The 23rd December is our last date for shipping.

Our telephone hotline was closed on 23nd December and we sent the entire service team to help packaging up in the shipping department. Many customers have ordered last minute and want to get their packages before Christmas. Monja, Nadja and Daniela are getting stuck in to send as many packages on their way as possible.

365E8117-52A2-4DA1-8ED7-E4305A18EC47Our Support System is still in operation and of course you can still reach our service team! As before, important inquiries or information can be sent through via our Support Ticket System. Our sales team are trying to answer the urgent questions even now.

Even so, time is running out and our work for the year is coming to an end!

Verpacken2015_1With so many eager hands helping out we are doing our very best to fulfill your wish list and get as many packages as possible under the Christmas tree.

Verpacken2015_2Many parcels have to be packed and many invoices written. Our service team and delivery team are working hand in hand to send as many packages as possible to our customers around the whole world before Christmas Eve.

Verpacken2015_3One of the last task to perform is to send out all of the paperwork from our shipping Office, either printed or via email, so that the packets are sped on their way to our customers.


From 24th December¬† all “Bearpaws” will go to spend as much time as possible with their families over the Christmas holidays.

From the 11th January we will have finished our annual inventory and you will be able to reach us via the normal channels.

All major inquiries and orders can be input directly to our Bearpaw Store and our support system even during the holidays.

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