Premiere at the 5th Bearpaw Kill Tournament

For the first time in the history of traditional archery in Germany there will be a final shootout with prize money!

Bearpaw Products seeks the best instinctive archer. For this occasion, Henry Bodnik has thought of something very special.
As with every Kill Tournament, Henry has created every single shot position personally with great attention to detail. You can find the Bearpaw classification and rating for the Kill Tournament in the official announcement. The actual tournament consists of 3 parts.

  1. 2-days-Kill Tournament with + / – rating
  2. Real Kill Shoot! The shot with the broadhead on Saturday afternoon
  3. Final shooting for the trophy and a cash prize of 1000 Euros for the winner of the tournament

The two days of the Kill Tournament serve as an ‘elimination round’ for the best 3 men, youth and women of each class. ‘Head to head’ the finalists will shoot on the shooting range of the archery hotel on Sunday before the awards ceremony for the honor of the overall victory. Apart from technical precision, this will require strong nerves and pure instinctive shooting. The winner receives a € 1000 cash bonus, while the 2nd and 3rd runners can go home with 500 and 300 Euros respectively.

“Here the master of instinctive archery will be determined.”

All shooting positions are personally selected by Henry Bodnik and specifically targeted to the high demands of instinctive archery.

“This can only be won by an instinctive archer.” (Henry Bodnik)

We look forward to seeing you at the 5th Kill Tournament in the archery hotel Bad in Eisenbach.

For more information please read the official announcement.
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Bearpaw Kill Turnier 2013