Pumptrack Biathlon Litzendorf

archery meets Pumptracking

On October 5, 2019 the first Pumptrack Biathlon took place in Litzendorf. Children and teenagers dared to go on a course of the unusual kind: archery and pump tracking. At all stations trained men of the trade were available for advice and action. Because in the end everyone wanted to go home not only with great experiences, but also with a price.

In Litzendorf near Bamberg there is a pump track – a specially constructed mountain bike trail. The aim is to achieve speed kit without pedalling by dynamically pushing and pulling the bike. Skateboards and scooters were also used to master the track.

BEARPAW PRODUCTS has also volunteered for the biathlon and set up a course for the kids and teenagers. Under supervision all participants of the biathlon had time to deal with pump tracking and archery. For many, this day was the first one in which they held a bow in their hands and were allowed to shoot. We noticed some natural talents 🙂

Around 4 pm competition teams were formed and it started directly. 5 rounds on the pump track were followed by a fast bow course. Concentration was needed here! Because arrows, which landed in nowhere, demanded penalty laps on the two- or four-wheeler.

Many thanks to all sponsors, organizers and participants for this great event, it was fun!
We hope to soon be able to equip a young archer with our products!