Raven Adventures with Anna Catling

Surrey National Animal Round

I arrived at the Surrey field championships at about eight o’clock on a cold Sunday morning with my friend Lauren. We arrived an hour early (unlike the year before when we made it just as the starting whistle was being blown because my dad had lost his way).

Time to get my new best friend, the Bodnik Raven into action!
We soon gave up shooting the practice butts since the cold made releasing the string hurt.
All the shivering archers gathered at nine o’clock and made their way to their starting targets.

The championships are a one day record status tournament that involves shooting 2D animal targets.
There are two rounds during the shoot, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The afte
noon round is a repeat of the morning round but with the distances changed. Each animal target has a kill zone and a wound zone. Hitting the wound zone achieves 5 points and hitting the kill zone scores 10 points. On each target there are two pegs at different distances. One arrow is shot from each peg. I did find the shoot difficult because I mostly practice on FITA target faces, shooting three arrows at a time and from one peg. However I enjoy shooting pictures of furry animals because it does offer a certain motivation which was very welcome.

It was freezing for the whole day but the Bodnik Raven was performing faultlessly. By the time we started shooting our second to last target it began pouring with rain. The location where we were shooting used to be the grounds of an old house which was demolished and the rubble spread across the estate as a means of disposal. For us, that mean’t the ground was littered with brutal stones and bricks so missing the target meant there was a high chance of shattering an arrow!

The targets had been set at some considerable distances and many archers suffered as a result.
Luckily we were in amongst trees most of the time so we were sheltered from the dreaded wind! By the time we arrived back at the tea tent it was already dark. It had been a really enjoyble shoot and the Bodnik Raven had delivered the goods once again. I managed to beat last years score of 75 with a new score of 125. Also I got a gold medal and another record.

Anna uses the following Bearpaw & Bodnik equipment:
Bodnik Raven
Whisper String
Bearpaw Premium Spruce shafts
Armguard “Brandy”