Raven Review by Anna Catling

Bodnik Raven Review by Anna Catling
I received my Bodnik Raven only about a week before the Ballands Bowmen tournament in Somerset on the 23rd and 24th of July. Therefore I had very little time to practice with it and so I was debating whether to use my old bow one last time in hope of avoiding mistakes that might be made when using something unfamiliar.

Shooting with the Raven felt so natural that I decided to risk it.
The result was very unexpected as I increased my score by a good number of points and took three national UK records! I was able to engage with the Raven in such a short time it was hard to believe.


I have tried shooting other bows that simply didn’t work for me or had a big learning curve but in my hands the Raven just felt really familiar to me. I think this is because of how smooth the bow feels when shooting. It has no hand shock due to its superb design and finish and I can’t help but think that the impossibly slender limbs that taper almost to a point help with this. The Raven has a consistent release and is very forgiving if my release is not as smooth as it should be. My bow has a 32lb draw weight at 28″.


The handle of the bow is made from Mycarta and Zebrano with the limbs a core of Maple and Olive. The layers of wood and their textured grain give a stunningly beautiful finish which is what first attracted me to the bow. You may think that the appearance of the bow being purely cosmetic is not important and that we should all be pondering the bow’s numbers. But in truth, we all love to hold a good looking bow and if it makes us feel good, we shoot good too!

Since the Ballands Bowmen tournament Anna has taken more medals and national records at a further two tournaments.

img_0136I’m in love with the Bodnik bows for the craftsmanship that goes into the appearance of the bow and the perfect balance of strength and subtlety.

I am going from strength to strength with my wonderful new bow and believe it will continue to prove itself in future tournaments. I intend to go into more detail in a second review where I will be measuring the efficiency of the raven in comparison to other bows.

See you soon for part II…

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