RD Arqueria introduces the “Bodnik Training Corridor” in Brazil

RD Arqueria, the first specialized traditional archery business in Brazil and a Bearpaw distributor, relies on “fun archery” to develop the local market. Many tournaments and events are organized by RD Arqueria, where of course it’s also about competition, but the most important is that participants and spectators have fun: that sense of achievement.

3-D tournaments, indoor tournaments and some fun games, almost every weekend. Good for the archers!

As a participant of the Archery Academy Trainer Seminar I in Germany, the founder of the business, Raul Duwe, was presented to the ” Bodnik Training Corridor”. A method for horizontal and vertical hit training. From 15 meters, 10 series of 3 arrows are shot, from which 90% (27) must hit the target. The target is a rectangle that is to be shot horizontally and vertically, 30 arrows each. If both are is consistently within the 3-out-zone, the archer will qualify to the next higher level of training. The targets for the three stages are different in size: 80cm x 30cm for bronze, 50cm x 20cm for silver and 30cm x 10cm for gold corridor (pretty tight!).

RD Arqueria has adopted this method. But to be named Bronze, Silver, or Gold Archer, the archer must prove his skills in an exam, under pressure. Those who pass receive a pin and a certificate. The shooters are thrilled!

On May 27th was held the first exam. 14 archers were there, 7 have passed. So Brazil’s first 7 Bronze Archers are known! Again the atmosphere was great and even those who have not passed had fun. Everyone is preparing for the next exam at June 23rd. Will the first archers conquer the Silver Archer status?

Find more pictures and a video in the RD Arqueria Facebook page and blog: