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Record Breaking Bodnik Raven and Anna Catling

+++Anna Catling smashes 3 UK records with her Bodnik Raven!+++

Part 3 of our blog following the adventures of 15 year old Anna Catling and her new Bodnik Raven.
In this weeks installment Anna gets to try out her Raven in the heat of competition.
Despite low expectations, due to the bow still being relatively new to her, she not only won the competition but also managed to smash 3 UK records along the way!
Here Anna tells her story…

“My first tournament with my new Bearpaw Raven was at the Major Archer Memorial shoot held by the Ballands Bowmen in Dorset. It was a record status FITA round that lasted two days.

I had only shot my bow three times before so I was not expecting to reach my usual score. My bow was new so I hadn’t had time to practice much. I made myself a new set of arrows from the Spruce shafts and arrow making materials Bearpaw sent me with the bow. I didn’t make them too complicated as I was concerned that with being inexperienced with the new bow that I may lose them.
It started at 10am on the Saturday when the round was unmarked meaning that the distances are not indicated and so we have to judge them. The second day was the marked round meaning that we knew the distances we had to shoot but many of them were longer than the previous day making things easier and yet harder.


We shot in a valley which was partially covered with woodland and some of the targets were on steep up hill and downhill slopes. This makes them difficult to hit as you have to aim lower than you think. On the first day I didn’t lose any arrows but on the second I lost three, two of which disappeared into huge bramble bushes which were on a downward slope right behind one of the targets. The other was lost in long grass so I don’t think I’ll be seeing it for a while!


At the start of the weekend I did not expect to reach very high score but at the end of the unmarked day I was pleased to find I had beaten my previous UK record by 7 points with a new score of 145!
This made me hopeful that I might achieve two more records on the following day, one for the marked
round and one for the combined score of both days. On the marked round I shot a score of 103 beating my previous record by 31 points!
This enabled me to take both the records I had hoped to claim”.

WOW, great performance Anna!

Watch Anna Catling in action…

Congratulations and well done from the whole Bearpaw Team Anna! We are all eagerly anticipating the next installment of your “Raven Adventure”!

Anna uses the following Bearpaw & Bodnik equipment:
Bodnik Raven
Whisper String
Bearpaw Premium Spruce shafts
Armguard “Brandy”