Revolutionizing Archery – The Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer


Bearpaw Products is changing the world of archery and making history!

At the world’s largest archery trade show, held in the USA, the Arrow Analyzer was celebrated as the best new archery innovation in years!

Before we continue with our story, please allow us to introduce the ArrowAnalyzer to you with the video below.

The Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer is the brainchild of a German archer whose profession was in the electrical industry – and today he works in the software development sector! This brilliant man decided to discuss the idea with Henry Bodnik while attending on of Henry’s instinctive archery courses.

We will share with you Henry’s instant reaction:

“God in heaven – this is madness!”

“That someone came up with this amazing idea is incredible. It works! It is so simple! Never has there been anything like this!” (Henry Bodnik)

Bearpaw Products is proud to be working together with the developer of the Arrow Analyzer to manufacture them and to offer them to the entire archery market worldwide! The world’s largest distributors sell the Arrow Analyzer, designed, developed, and manufactured in Germany.

The triumphant journey of this amazing product around the world has already begun!

Bearpaw Products – First in the world to offer – the original Arrow Analyzer!
A strong German patent protects our one-of-a-kind Arrow Analyzer.
Our patent for the United States is at this time, pending.

100% Made in Germany
100% produced in Germany
100% German Engineering

The Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer
(Henry Bodnik)




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