Robin Hood Arrows Recommends Bearpaw Spruce Shafts…

Kev Smith at Robin Hood Arrows is a professional arrow maker who takes the utmost pride in the excellent work he produces. He is a big fan of the Bearpaw points and nocks but in particular our spruce shafts. Below Kev explains why….

I’ve hesitated for a long while to post this because I know there will be a lot of people who will disagree with me but here goes…

I don’t like cedar shafts, there I’ve said it.

Firstly, in use they are not robust enough and seem to snap at the least provocation. Secondly, I personally find that they are very high maintenance. To make sure you are shooting straight arrows you will have to re-straighten them every few sessions.
Thirdly, they are a pain in the backside to straighten when building arrows. Unless you use heat the straightening process is diabolical. Even with heat, if you haven’t done it 100% correctly, they want to spring back to their original shape.

Very frustrating even at the best of times!

My recommendation?…
OK, there are other woods available but Ive been completely converted to Spruce shafts from Bearpaw! They are a mix of ideal weight and great durability, they are a joy when building arrows and a lot less stress than cedar to get straight and keep straight!

In use they are robust and will put up with a lot of abuse compared to cedar shafts.

Cost effectiveness…
Check out the price per shaft and you will immediately see the value for money that you get from spruce shafts.

With spruce you are not settling for second best… they ARE the best!

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