Scheibenpanik – Traditional Archery in Collenberg

The town of Collenberg in Lower Franconia has become a byword for traditional archery for many archers. Not only because of the opening in 2007 of one of Germany’s most well loved archery courses but also because of the strong bond with this course of the archery dealers Jürgen & Daniel Goll who together founded their shop Scheibenpanik nine years ago.

Jürgen and Daniel Goll started archery in the year 2000, the same year their local archery society was founded. Both started with Olympic recurve bows but they very quickly realized the fascination to be found in traditional archery, especially in 3D archery.

In 2007 the decision was taken to make Scheibenpanik a reality! Initially they mainly wanted to offer courses in traditional archery.However, due to there being difficult in supplying the increasingly expectant number of new 3D archers with proper equipment they quickly took the decision to become archery dealers with the aim of providing archers of the Bavarian Untermain region with an ideal first port of call for their material needs.

Jürgen Goll states:
At the time we managed to find the right partner very quickly”. Even back then Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products offered a top quality, wide range of products for traditional archers so we decided to become Bearpaw dealers.

At Scheibenpanik Jürgen or Daniel are always on hand to give customers their personal advice.

Daniel writes:
Both of us ruled out an online shop at the time because it was our opinion that archery newcomers and those more experienced would unfortunately not be able to recieve sufficiently high levels of advice. Especially in the areas of choosing the right bow, correctly suited arrows or just offering technical advice, an online shop just cant offer the same type of hands on service of personal qualified service personnel. The customers seem to appreciate this as well! All through the year many archers from all over Germany and Europe come to Collenberg to use the 3D course. Of course, some of which then get lost and wind up in our shop! Many of those who ask us to build their arrows for example keep coming back to order the next set from us”.

Sound advice by experienced archers and good service combined with irrepressible enthusiasm for traditional archery makes Scheibenpanik a major strategic partner of Bearpaw Products.