Significant improvements to Bearpaw Bowstringers

70052 (2)Especially when stringing recurve bows it is absolutely essential to use a Bowstringer. That said, we recommend that you use a bow stringer regardless of bow type:

Using a Bowstringer avoids the risk of twisting the limbs which could damage the bow. It is important that quality and functionality of a stringer is tried and tested.

Bearpaw offers three different Bowstringers which are designed to work with each bow type

Together with our new supplier we have now taken quality to new levels. We were able to make two important improvements.

  1. Leather parts are to be made using high quality cowhide
  2. Anti-stretch and heavy duty cord

Currently 90% of all Bearpaw Bowstringers are already manufactured with high quality leather. For our next production runs we will have an even better and more stable cord which is extremely low stretch.

With the following pictures we want to give you an insight into the production of such Bowstringers. We at Bearpaw Products put emphasis on every single step in the production of our high-quality products. For us customers satisfaction and the quality of our products is paramount.

IMG_1277The first stage is punching out the individual elements of leather using a stamping frame.

IMG_1275The tools and application processes for this must be of high quality and precision. But constant monitoring and surveillance are equally important.

IMG_1272Also when sewing the individual leather elements it is necessary to work with the utmost precision.IMG_1281Lastly each of the leather elements are strung on to our high-quality cord. This cord must be particularly stable and low stretch so that the tension remains constant and meets our strict quality controls.

For more information about the Bowstingers from Bearpaw simply click on the link below…

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