Signing Bodnik Bows Brasil No. 1


A year ago, Henry Bodnik met his business partner Raul Duwe, owner of RD Arqueria, in Brazil. There, it was decided to start a joint project for the production of bows in Brazil.
In May 2014, Raul came to Germany to become familiar with the production of Slick Sticks and to discuss and attune to the joint business model.

At the moment he is back in Germany. This time, he is going to have the first bow of the Bodnik Bows Brasil production line signed by Henry and Christoph Unger, leading bowyer at Bearpaw Products. This bow will be raffled off at the end of year party of RD Arqueria among the participating customers on 16th December, 2014.

In signing this bow, Henry symbolizes that the production in Brazil, where the same techniques are used as in the German manufactore, has been tested and approved by him. And the result of Raul’s personal and intensive commitment, in good cooperation with the Bearpaw-Team, is as good a bow as the German Slick Stick. In Brazil, it is called the “RD Stick” and will be produced in 58″, 60″ and 62 “lengths from 15 to 60 lbs. There will be three different models: the RD Stick Standard, the RD Stick Premium (similar to the first one produced) and RD Stick Custom-made.

The capacity is planned to be initially about 12 bows per week, which can be viewed as much for today’s South American market. But the potential market is very large and the marketing strategy has been running for 3 years now. RD Arqueria suggests that with support from Bearpaw it will be intensified by the local production from now on. In 2018, Raul would like to have crossed the margin of 2000 bows per year.
Other models in the Bodnik Bows range will be chosen to be manufactured in Brazil – every 6 months a new bow is aspired to go in series in Brazil.