Slick Stick Review from Pete Ward

Pete Ward, well known Canadian archer and hunter has reviewd our Bodnik Bows Slick Stick. He really loves the great performance of the bow and is absolutely stunned how quiet it shoots. You can find his full review here. The Slick Stick will be available next week in our Bearpaw Online Shop!

Summed up he says:

To sum up the review I think this is one of the best bang for the buck bows out there. You get a very well made bow that shoots great looks good, and is quiet and vibration free. What more can we ask for at this price. We have a short 58″ bow that is nice in pop up blinds, and it will draw to over 30″ . I had some shooters with 30 and 31″ draws try it and they tell me it shoots very nice for them. Everyone seems to agree on how quiet it shoots, and this is usualy the first comment I hear. I will have no reservations in taking it hunting for any game we have including moose and elk.

Hintergrundbild Wallpaper “Sandra Slick Stick”
Sandra Bearpaw Slick Stick