Some Bows have Two Souls

IMG_4268 (2)Our Quick Stick has long been Henry Bodnik’s personal first choice. Only recently has he jumped ship into the camp of the Mohawk archers.

The handle of the Quick Stick is made of a beautiful combination of bubinga and rosewood. But that is only one of its two souls and sides. These exotic woods are very expensive and delicate pieces of wood! We strive both in the purchase of the wood and in its processing to very carefully deal with these precious resources.
For this reason our Quick Stick has two faces and two souls.


So there are in fact two different versions of this beautiful bow!
Only in this way can we ensure to use these precious woods perfectly. When we cut out the form of our handle, a piece of woods  fitting exactly into the hind part of the handle remains. Thus the idea of two different versions of our Quick Stick handle was born. 

Quick Stick
Rosewood with bubinga
Bubinga with rosewood


So it stays a surprise until the very last moment, which of the two versions goes comes out of the package when received by our customers.
One of the two cannot be selected.
This is only possible with a Custom Quick Stick!
For ecological reasons, we will replace the rosewood in ​​our Quick Sticks with smoked oak in the near future. This beautiful wood color adapts beautifully with the handle, and can be safely bought from local stocks.
Bodnik Bows focuses on sustainability!
„There is a reason we produce and sell the traditional bows with the best warranty in the world!” (Henry Bodnik)


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Quick Stick of Dimitri Luijpen of Archery World Holland!