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Successful show for Bearpaw in Wels Austria

Messe_Wels_1The success story of the archery show in Wels Austria is continued 2016. Satisfied faces on all the exhibitors are evidence of the enormous popularity of this exhibition event. The presents of all the renowned distributors and producers confirms the importance of the trade fair in Wels Austria.

Messe_WelsIn the area of bows and archery accessories, the Bodnik Bows and Bearpaw Product brand was very prominent thanks to our top dealers Bow Targets and Bogensportwelt. As well as his two lectures on the secrets of instinctive archery Henry Bodnik has naturally used the time at the fair to soak up the atmosphere. There were also many discussions with customers and fans to get important input, opinions and to exchange information.

Messe_Wels_2On both days of the fair Henry Bodnik was again this year invited to present his lecture. He discussed and informed the audiance about the secrets of instinctive archery and hosted a questions and answers session.


Henry thanked the 220 strong audience at his first lecture on Saturday sincerely for their overwhelming support and their huge interest about instinctive archery. During his 90 minutes long lecture he gave a really deep insight into the world of instinctive archery.

Vortrag_Henry_3It goes without saying that the two major archery magazines were also present at the exhibition. Henry Bodnik took the opportunity to spend time with with Karin Vorderegger from Verlag Vorderegger and Angelika Hörnig from Verlag Traditonell Bogenschießen to discuss this successful event. During their talks Henry Bodnik pledged his support and donations to the Action Golden Quiver being organized by the magazine Traditional Archery.

Messe_Wels_4Many archers were loaded up with new bows and other materials on their way home after a busy day but all were certain about one thing:

“The archery fair in Wels is a must do event in Central Europe for future years and the show that all others will be measured by”.


The new digital device Spine from Bearpaw Products has once again astonished the experts at the archery show in Wels. The latest edition of the Archery magazine will include a 3 page feature on this inovative newcomer.