Successful Trainees at Instinctive Archery Course I

Seventeen archers students did participate at the Training Course I for instructors of instinctive archery during three days from 18th until 20th of November 2011 in Rossach, Germany. They all gathered very base information in this profession and enjoyed the time in the class. Definite target of that course was to spread out even more the philosophy of traditional archery in the market, keep it on a distinct high level and to establish it solidly in the community. Therefore the know-how of the Academy is taught firstly on a fundamental and clear spoken way to all students. With that the base is set for further steps.

Our archery students were intensively taught in terms of trainings methods, training contents, archery material know-how as well as in organizing such kind of training sessions. Particular if was focused onto the contents of the training sessions: like fully understanding of traditional archery, the correct application as well as transferring the know-how.

Bearpaw Products congratulates all 17 students to their achieved know-how and wishes them a large amount of success and as well as enough fun at using it in the field.

Gruppenfoto der Absolventen Trainerseminar I - Archery Academy