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Bearpaw Feather Cutter

BETA Tests finished BETATEST:

In order to investigate the performance of the Bearpaw feather cutter under different environmental conditions Bearpaw Products has decided in March 2010 to conduct a Betatest before serial production and mass delivery starts. For that we choose from a great number of applicants twenty people to test the feather cutter. Bearpaw Products is very thankful to all those who participated and conducted long and intense test series as well as wrote the meaningful test reports.

RESULTS: Most of the tester were pleased with the features of the feather cutter and were more or less comfortable with result and performance. Importantly, serious safety concerns were not documented. However, it was made also crystal clear that improvements of the feather cutter are essential for higher customer satisfaction and better marketing. This result was also confirmed at lately conducted internal tests at Bearpaw Products. Following, find now the most important aspects which had been complained:

  • 1. Handling: much easier inserting and removing of the feathers are needed.
  • 2. Cutting Performance: Target needs to be that all feathers are cut well and sharp and no feather parts are left over after the punching process.

NEXT: The Bearpaw Products strategy has been and will be in future to develop and to market nearly 100% perfect products. Therefore we take all the stated issues in the reports seriously. We are also convinced that certain improvements are obligatory. For that reason Bearpaw Products has decided to stop mass production of the feather cutter and to stop the mass delivery too in order to start a redesigning phase of certain elements of the feather cutter. This also in opposition to the fact, that our market might act and respond negatively to that decision. Suggested improvement and ideas of customers will be incorporated in the decision finding.In summery this means that Bearpaw Products development team members will now be focussed to investigate possible solutions in a timely manner.

We hope that those can result in the needed corrections and come to improved performance of the feather cutter. A definitive time line will not be communicated right now for not raising the pressure to the technicians and engineers too much. We know that many customers wait on their products already for a long time and ask for apology and understanding for that delay. All previously shipped feather cutters to customers are still functional and are fully operational and certainly still can be used. But if problems occur please contact our customer service center and we are open to take the feather cutter back too or take other actions.

Bearpaw Produkts – Henry Bodnik