Taper Tool Deluxe ATA “Made in Germany”

50060_1Step by step we are bringing our production back to Germany.
“Made in Germany” is a guarantee of high quality and functionality. With production locations in Germany we can effectively monitor quality and react quickly if needed.
The ATA (Archery Trade Association)has determined the exact measurements and specifications for taper tools. The amount of angle and the length of the taper to be cut are precisely specified. This ensures that all tips and nocks fit perfectly on your wooden arrows.

As correct useage is the basis for optimal results we have made a short video so that Sandra Diroll can introduce you to our new Taper Tool Deluxe ATA.

For 2016 we present our new Taper Tool Deluxe ATA

  • Made in Germany
  • Perfect Functionality
  • Exacting tolerances

Every single part is controlled and manufactured in Germany. The new Taper Tool Deluxe ATA is 100% “Made in Germany”.


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Henry Bodnik is an absolute fan of glued taper points on wooden arrows. These tips guarantee perfect centering and bombproof adhesion on the wooden shaft.

10224Henry recommends using our 2 part epoxy glue “Endfest” as the perfect solution when fitting 3D taper points onto wooden shafts to guarantee the durability of bond between the two parts.

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