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Thank You for making 2017 such a great year for Bearpaw!

Bearpaw_Logo_URLThe old year is coming to an end. 2018 is near and already in sight. In a few days we will celebrate the arrival of a brand new year. These are days of reflection – but also the time for making wishes, setting intentions and planning new goals!

Bearpaw Products will be closed for the New Years holiday so all of our employees can spend a few days with their families.

We would like to thank the many customers, Bearpaw fans and partners who stand behind our brand and have helped us grow so much in 2017. With your help, Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows have continued their triumphal march across the world – reaching many thousands of traditional archers and bow hunters in a multitude of countries. We have been working on new programs for our global dealer network that will help to strengthen our good dealers, distributors and all of our valuable Bearpaw partners..

In 2017, the demand for our Bodnik Bows and Bearpaw Products grew by nearly 20%. Our Penthalon carbon shafts and Penthalon bows grew by an even larger margin! Every day, customers and fans of the Bearpaw brand are posting pictures, videos, and reports – online, in blogs, and on social media – expressing how impressed they are with the performance and reliability of all the Bearpaw products!

We thank you for all the pictures and videos you shared with us and posted online. Keep up the good work!

We would like to thank you for a great Bearpaw year in 2017 and wish you all a healthy, successful new year!

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Let’s GO!
We’re ready to start another fantastic year in 2018

Dorothea and Henry Bodnik with the entire Bearpaw Products team.