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Thank you for your loyalty to Bearpaw Products!

Monja_Verabschiedung_02_webThank you very much for your loyalty and the many years of service you gave to us all here at Bearpaw Products!

Monja Brunner has been with Bearpaw Products since the early days. For well over 10 years, Monja has helped guide Bearpaw Products to where it is today, the world market leader of traditional archery. In recent years, Monja has been an integral part of our service team and is well known to many of our customers from communications they have had with her by telephone or through email communication.

We understand well however that the spice of living and evolving are found in accepting new challenges and following your own unique path.

We will always remember the good times we’ve shared and with a bit of melancholy in our hearts, we say “Good Bye” to Monja and wish her all the best on her new journey! 

Monja_Verabschiedung_01_webNo matter how far she goes, as part of this ‘going away celebration’, we acknowledge that Monja will always be considered an adopted member of the Bearpaw family. Moving forward, because of your loyalty to our brand and the personal contacts you have with all your colleagues and the management here,  we will all continue to be an integral part of your life.

Perhaps you will meet up with Monja personally at a few 3 D tournaments! Of course she will be shooting a Bodnik Bow from Bearpaw Products! As a farewell gift we have promised her a very special Mohawk Chief from Bodnik Bows. She is looking forward to it!

Datei 14.02.18, 19 49 24All the best for your bright future and heart-felt thanks for the many years we have worked together with you!
Henry and Dorothea Bodnik and all the Bearpaw Products team.