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The 10th Bearpaw Products Archery Tournament awarded 1800 Euros in prize money!

BPturnier_3The Bearpaw Kill Tournament is a very speical – one of a kind – archery event. This world famous archery tournament is also a prize money tournament! In the final, a total of 1800 Euro in cash bonuses can be won. The 1st place archer will win 1000 Euros for the overall tournament victory. On the 5th and 6th of May, more than 130 archers participated in this challenging 10th Bearpaw Kill Tournament held in Germany.

Henry Bodnik strategically designed and created each shot situation himself for this special jubilee tournament. Each and every shot was challenging and demanded a lot from the individual archers.

None of the shot locations were further than 30 meters away from the targets! Nevertheless, it was not easy to place the arrow safely in the kill zone! Especially in the hunting classification of this tournament, misses outside the rating zone (kill zone) are more than annoying!

Scoring 1st day: 2 rounds
1st and 2nd arrow kill: Add 10 points per arrow
1st and 2nd Arrow Body: Deduct 2 points per arrow
Miss: 0 points

Scoring 2nd day: 1 round of arrows
1st arrow Kill: Add 20 points
1st arrow body: Subtract 5 points
Miss: 0 points

Henry Bodnik came up with some very special shots for this tournament. There were some shots on a narrow fish (Gar) which was placed approximately 40 cm under the surface of the water surface. This was a new experience for many of the archers who shot at the submerged fish target!

Floating ducks swimming in the small stream back and forth quite uncontrollably completed the realistic picture of these special shots perfectly!!

All the individual shots throughout the course were very lifelike and challenging. The tough angles, obstacles , and unusual shooting positions made it difficult to find the narrow “safe shot” paths that would allow you to place your arrows in the “Kill Zone” of the 3D animals. Lunging, leaning, and shooting from assorted kneeling positions are not uncommon in the Bearpaw Kill tournament!

BPturnier_4At the end of the first day of the tournament, a special night time competition was held starting at 10:00 PM.  In the Bearpaw Night Shoot 2 participants had to compete against each other in a direct competition. In this KO system, both archers had to shoot at and break an illuminated balloon before their opponent to advance to the next round and so on.  Only then could you advance to one of the first place positions, then to be considered in the distribution of the prizes. Each winner was also awarded a certificate to commemorate their achievement in this special competition.

Many thanks to Denis from FuwaForestFilms EDC Gear for his videos of our 10th Bearpaw Kill tournament! Here’s the first video of the 2nd day of the tournament!

More pictures and the exciting report from the finale will be published here on the Bearpaw blog in the next few days!!

At the end of June there will be another Bearpaw Kill tournament in Romania! More information will be available soon on the Bearpaw blog!


The 7th Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Romania wil be held in Poarta Raiuli in the Carpathians! Six Nations will be represented at the Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Romania!


Click for Registration for the 7th Bearpaw Kill Tournament