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The 10th German Kill Tournament from Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products

Datei 11.02.18, 22 27 21The Bearpaw Kill Tournament by Henry Bodnik is now legendary around the world for its challanging and realistic format.

The 2018 German Kill Tournament will be held the 5th and 6th of May on the beautiful grounds of the Bogensporthotel in Eisenbach.

Below you will find the announcement for our 10th Bearpaw Kill Tournament to be held in Germany. Please register early to guarantee your spot at the email address listed below:

Registration for the 2018 Bearpaw Germany Kill Turnier:
Telephone: 0049 (0) 9565 616 88 0


We’re offering great prizes for this 10th anniversary of the Bearpaw Kill Tournament Germany!

For this 10th anniversary of the Kill Tournament in Germany, Henry Bodnik will come up with some very special prizes. In the tombola/raffle for all participants, the prizes will be even more generous then before. Perhaps now every participant can go home with some sort of a prize. The main prize for this raffle will be a Mohawk Chief, to be built to the winners specifications by Bodnik Bows. The trophies for the class winners are wonderfylly handcrafted by Holzmichl, a truly gifted wood turner and a loyal Bearpaw dealer. We are confident that we can offer you a great event this year! You don’t want to miss this one!

This unique tournament has a large following from all over the world and attracts archers from many countries. At this year’s Kill Tournament in Romania, a total of 7 nations are going to compete in this special archery competition.

Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, and Bulgaria!

We are thrilled to see how many archers and bow hunters are planning to attend the 2018 Bearpaw Kill tournament in Germany.


At this special tournament Henry Bodnik is personally involved in designing and creating every single shooting position. Each individual shot bears Henry’s own personal signature and reflects his experience gained from countless tournaments and his various bowhunting adventures.

Simply very unique and challenging shooting situations!

Datei 11.02.18, 22 28 41

With these realistic shot scenarios, Henry brings back the feeling of the early days of hunting tournaments. Many shots have to be taken through tight spots in the brush and all the shot distances are close. The maximum shooting distance is 28 meters. At this distance you will encounter a big bison or perhaps an elk!

But Watch Out!

Hits in the kill zone – and only hits in the kill – zone are rewarded with positive points! Hits in the body zone are rewarded with negative points!  (But thank goodness only a small number of points)!

The top archers from each individual archery class will then fight it out in a special final competition for the tournament victory and to win the prize money of 1800 Euro.

The 1st place and tournament winner will win a cash bonus of 1000 Euro!

The winners of the 2nd and 3rd place spots will receive 500 and 300 Euro respectively in prize money!

Datei 11.02.18, 22 36 47

Bearpaw Products sponsors all of these prizes as an espression of thanks and gratitude to their many loyal fans and customers!

Thank you for your friendship and brand loyalty!
Henry Bodnik und Bearpaw Products

Registration for the Bearpaw Kill tournament:
Telephone: 0049 (0) 9565 616 88 0

Link to the Bogensporthotel Bad

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