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The 4th Bearpaw Kill tournament in Romania will be even better

IMG_1263A team of enthusiastic archers have banded together to make the former Bearpaw Cup Romania even more enjoyable and interesting. Together with Alin Andreica and Andrei Avram, Henry Bodnik is set to make this famous tournament even more of a crowd puller. In November 2015 the 3 enthusiastic archers met up near Cluj in Romania to look at possible venues.

IMG_1265The enthusiasm for this new project is written all over their faces! With their experience and passion for instinctive archery they want to give the 4th Bearpaw Kill tournament in Romania a complete make-over.

This exceptional tournament will be held on 25th and 26th of June in a beautiful forested area not far from the city of Cluj.


The organizing team of  Henry Bodnik, Andrei Avram und Alin Andreica have lots of new ideas and promise an extraordinary tournament with a few surprises thrown in.


Henry Bodnik promises an extraordinary tournament with a new breathtaking finale.

  1. Prize Finale: 500 Euro
  2. Prize Finale: 300 Euro
  3. Prize Finale: 100 Euro

More information and the details of how to sign up for the 4th Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania will be on this blog very soon. The Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania is sponsored by  Bearpaw Products und LongLife 3 D Targets.