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The 5th Bearpaw Kill Tournament held in Romania was a tremendous success!

IMG_9625-1Once again the Bearpaw Kill Tournament recently held in Romania was a great success!

With almost nearly 100 participants, our Bearpaw Kill Tournament is the largest national archery tournament in Romania. We welcomed archers from all over Romania, and also from Austria, Serbia and Germany. These archers are huge fans of our kill tournament and they look forward to the challenge every year. During the opening ceremonies, Henry Bodnik and Alin Andreica welcomed the archers from all of the various countries, explaining the rules and the exciting format of the Bearpaw Kill Tournament.

Click this link or any of the photos to see our complete album of pictures from the Bearpaw Kill tournament and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Romanian Carpathians!!

IMG (124 of 295)Now everything was ready for nearly 100 archers to start shooting the exciting and challenging archery course of over 1500 meters that Henry Bodnik and Alin Andreica of Bearpaw Romania had set up in the breathtaking mountain landscape of the Romanian Carpathians.

IMG_9755As they worked their way along the course, all of the participants were quickly captivated by the impressive landscape all around them.

Many thanks to Alin Andreica, the owner of Bearpaw Romania, for all the work you put into the preparation for this tournament. You selected a perfect and location placing our Bearpaw Kill Tournament in the midst of the beautiful mountain country of the Carpathians! Next year, in 2018, we will once again hold the Bearpaw Kill Tournament in this awe inspiring location! Henry Bodnik

Click this link or any of the photos to see our complete album of pictures from the Bearpaw Kill tournament and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Romanian Carpathians!!

IMG (103 of 295)Naturally, every single shooting station reflected the personal touch of Henry Bodnik As it is in every Bearpaw Kill Tournament, only arrows that land in the kill zone give the individual archer any points. All the targets are placed at realistic hunting distances of between 5 – 28 meters! Yet, each shot brings it’s own challenges because the archers must contend with natural obstacles and often times very small windows to shoot through.

Accurate precision shooting is required!

IMG_9807Here in the blog we can only share a few pictures of our shooting positions, but you can see many more photos of our Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania by clicking the link below or any of the photos.

Click on this link of any of the photos to access more pictures of the Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania!

IMG_9800 At the end of the first two days of competition, the winners of the separate classes were known, and then many enthusiastic archers eagerly watched the finals!

Here is the list of the finalists after the first two days of competition


The finals of the Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania

After the first two tournament days the top 3 – 5 archers in each class compete against each other to determine the winner. In the finals, the prize money provided by Bearpaw Products is is up for grabs. Only the top three archers from the finals can compete for the prize money and the overall tournament win in the much anticipated final run. This grand finale is a combination of a foot race and accurate shooting. The competitors are drawn by lots, and must battle it out to determine who will win! All the other archers and spectators of course follow this exciting competition and cheer on their favorites.

Here is a video of the top three finalists after the preliminary stages!

In the end, Cristina Maris of Romania edged out the other two finalists with the winning shot from her Bodnik Bows Kiowa Recurve. During the exciting final run Cristina was last to the shooting line but she kept her cool and was able to fire her winning shot before the other two contestants were able.

Cristina was the overall winner of the tournament and secured a cash victory prize of 500 Euro! Andreas Kickmeier of Austria was able to take home 300 Euro for his second place finish and Bogdan Rosu of Romania took third place winning a prize of 100 Euro.

  1. Place Finish – Cristina Maris Romania
  2. Place Finish – Andreas Kickmeier Austria
  3. Place Finish – Bogdan Rosu Romania


National Rating
During each Bearpaw Kill tournament we calculate a national rating.

We congratulate Austria on winning the national rating during this 5th Bearpaw Kill Tournament – Romania.
Nations Score

The winners of the different classes were determined in the first two days of the kill tournament. Below you will find the official results list for each class.

Page 1 Results of the Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania 2017KT 2017 - SCORES -pag.1Page 2 Results of the Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania 2017KT 2017 - SCORES -pag.2

Click the link below to see more photos and pictures from the 5th Bearpaw Kill Tournament – Romania

Click Here!

We’re looking forward to the Bearpaw Kill Tournament Romania 2018!