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The 7th Kill Tournament in Eisenbach (Black Forest) Was a Huge Success

With the Kill Tournament, Henry Bodnik initiated a type of competition which is becoming more and more popular. This year more than 140 archers followed his invitation to take up this unusal challenge.
At Henry Bodnik’s Kill Tournament, only hits in the kill zone of the 3D-targets count for credits. All body hits earn negative credits. However, all the targets are within a maximum range of 28 meters. At this tournament, every single shot is selected by Henry Bodnik himself.
“I can realize all of the ideas in my head. Here, every single shot is exactly the way I like it – custom-made for instinctive archers, so to say! I love every single shot. Shooting positions are inspired by the experiences I collected on my trips to the wilderness of Canada and the US.”
(Henry Bodnik)

2 challenging days for archers! This tournament is very demanding!
No comment!)

Pinpoint Shootings technique and well-chosen materials are of great importance. There is no space for fast arrows at this tournament.
This tournament is about hitting to the point!
(Humbly on their knees)

More and more archers explore their love for these special shooting situations. “Thanks for this great tournament! We all had an awful lot of fun! We’ll come back!” (Michael Wagner, Austria)
Shooting from blind guard
DSC0499777 DSC0528999
  (Hitting the kill zone)                (Standing in the creek)

Just like last year, the typical Black Forest weather could be relied on. But meanwhile, we are taking the rainy weather with a sense of humour.

“It was awesome!”

Here’s an overview of the winners:

1st Rank Students up to 12 Years:
Marlin Keck (10 Years)

1st Rank Youths 12 to 17 Years:
David B. Tesch (12 Years)

1st Rank Women Bow Class 1:
Brigitte Haug

1st Rank Women Bow Class 2:
Julia Horlitz

1st Rank Women Bow Class:
Manuela Bürkle

1st Rank Men Bow Class 1:
Uwe Kramer

1st Rank Men Bow Class 2:
Ladislav Korab

1st Rank Men Bow Class 3:
Martin Kaliner
At this point, it is important to mention another extraordinary result: Martin Kaliner set a great record this weekend.

Martin Kaliner
1st Rank Bow Class 3
Highest Score
Winner of the Final Cut
Highest Score in the nations’ ranking

Congratulations for this great result and all the best for the World Championship!

Here you can see all the results:
List of results, 7th Kill Tournament