The African Adventure and Bearpaw Products


Henry Bodnik and Florentin Garcia are connected by more than just their passion for nature, archery and bowhunting. From their common interests a real friendship has grown.

As their latest project the two have jointly started “The African Adventure”. Florentin will spend a whole week in the wilderness of Africa with only bow, arrows and a few essentials to enable him to live off the land.

At the beginning of May Florentin Garcia came to visit Henry here in Germany and took part in the Kill Tournament at the Bogensporthotel in Eisenbach (Black Forest).


Florentin is just as much of a devotee and pioneer of instinctive archery as Henry Bodnik. When he told Henry Bodnik about the proposed project it was with exactly the same kind of fire in the eyes and flame in his heart! It is really important to Florentin to make reports so that people are better informed about what is behind the whole subject of bowhunting.

To completely exclude the topic of bowhunting from archery would be turning a blind eye to reality. We are very well aware that anything surrounding the subject of bowhunting will draw a lot of negativity, missunderstanding and intolerance. We would really like to build more understanding of bowhunting, or at least tolerance, from followers of this Blog.


During his African Adventure Florentin Garcia Garcia will be relying on equipment from Bearpaw Products. We are extremely proud that together with our knowledge and Bodnik Bows we can give Florentin the right support for his adventure!

Florentin Garcias equipment for his African Adventure

Mohawk Chief Hybrid in Dessert Camo – 60 lbs
Penthalon Hunter Extreme Carbon arrows – Spine 300
German Jager broadheads – 175 grs.

In the following video Florentin and Henry present their African Adventure.

On the 16th May Florentin will head to to Africa. He has made a solemn promise to provide us with pictures and information even during his time in the African bush!