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The Bearpaw Kill Bonus Tournament 2010 in Eisenbach, Germany

The second annual Bearpaw Kill Bonus Tournament was held in Eisenbach, Germany (the Black Forrest) on the archery course at hotel “Bad” on 1st & 2nd of May 2010. Here the bonus means that all participants would be in the running for one of the thirty prizes even if they were not one of the top scorers. This way everyone had a chance to win a prize to take home with them. The prizes ranged from small archery accessories through 3D animal targets up to a custom bow from Bearpaw, everything the heart desires.

Henry and his hardworking helpers had already prepared the course on Thursday and Friday. Just like last year they set up the course, through hard work, so that every shot would be challenging for every single archer regardless of their talents or experience levels. The targets that were used are the normal targets used on the course in Eisenbach but the positions of the shooting posts for several targets were changed so that it was difficult to find a good shooting position. Some of the obstacles were like small windows, under branches and sometimes even between roots, uphill, downhill or from a stand, etc. – or to put it in short, everything possible to make the Kill Tournament so unforgettable.

The mood of the participants was so good that even the off and on again rain could not dampen their spirits. The refreshments on the course were so savory and tasty that they helped to recharge everyone. At the end of the first day the head cook of the hotel “Bad”, Hubert Wursthorn, prepared a wild boar that was so delicious that it was “the icing on the cake” to round off a wonderful day.

During the evening and early in the morning the shooting posts were moved again so that the One-Arrow Hunter’s Round, that took place on the second day, would be even more challenging. The top 5 scoring ladies and men were grouped together in a women’s and men’s group in order to increase the competition.
The atmosphere on the second day was so great that the Hunter’s Round seemed to be over with way too quickly. After the winners were honored and the prizes were drawn the band of archers started to head happily for home with the promise that they would definitely be back again next year to take part in the Bearpaw Kill Bonus Tournament in Eisenbach.

I would like to give special thanks to Tim Cosgrove from Kustom King Archery, who did not shy away from the long journey from America, to experience an exceptional tournament with the “German guys”.
The Top winner was Theo Grömling. He was gracious enough to let me ask him some questions after the tournament and I would like to present a small summary here:

Theo Grömling shoots with a Kaiser recurve bow with 75 pound pull. His arrows are 340 Easton Light-Speed Carbon shafts. He has been actively shooting in his club for about 4 years now. He is a member of the BS Tiefenbach-Oberstdorf club. After experiencing a serious accident while paragliding he started looking around for a different sport, and he found archery. In the 2007 World Championships he placed 14th in his class. In the 2008 European Championships he came in 8th place. In the 2009 World Championships held in the United States he reached 3rd place. Congratulations again for winning this year’s Bearpaw Kill Bonus Tournament.
I would also like to thank all of the participants of this year’s tournament for coming and I will be happy to meet you all again at next year’s tournament.

Below are the ranking list and several snap shots from the tournament:


Pictures from the Bearpaw Kill Bonus Tournament 2010


Ranking list for the Bearpaw Kill Bonus Tournament 2010 (approx.230 KB)