The Bearpaw Kill Tournament with Prize Money Will Take Place on 3rd and 4th May


Each year, the “kill tournament ” by Henry Bodnik attracts many ambitious archers to the Archery Hotel Bad in the Black Forest. This unique tournament receives its name from the particular rating of the shooting situations. In contrast to almost all other tournaments, only hits in the so-called “kill zone ” of the 3 D target are rated with credits in this tournament. All other hits of the 3 D target outside the kill zone are counted in penalty credits. Misses are evaluated with 0 credits.

No target stands further away than a maximum distance of 28 meters. The difficulties in this tournament rather lie in the extraordinary shooting situations and positions. Henry Bodnik personally creates each shooting situation according to his own creed!


In the final shooting on the second day, the best five archers of all classes shoot against each other. This is how the winner of the tournament will be determined. In the final shooting, shots are tailored to instinctive archers. The concept of instinctive archery is omnipresent in these two days of the tournament. Both the bow classes as well as the entire tournament are tailor-made for instinctive archers.

The sponsoring with prize money by Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik each year attract many international top shooters for the Bearpaw Kill Tournament to the Archery Hotel Bad.


Cash prizes for the Bearpaw Kill Tournament of Henry Bodnik

1st Tournament Win and 1000 Euro Prize Money
2nd 500 Euro Bonus Money
3rd 300 Euro Bonus Money

Last year, the tournament victory and prize money were won by a Czech archer with a longbow and wooden arrows. He was able to beat all competitors in the finals.

“Here in this tournament only instinctive archers can win! ” (Henry Bodnik)

Bearpaw Kill Bonus Turnier

Bearpaw Kill Bonus Turnier