The Bearpaw Slingshot For Kids – Available Now!

The Bearpaw Slingshot came as a real bombshell!

Now we’ve produced a slingshot adapted to the needs of our younger archers – the Bearpaw Kids Slingshot!

The young are particularly important to us at Bearpaw. With our archery program, we have made sure that we have the right bow for all ages. Therefore, the Bearpaw slingshot for children is the logical step. Our kids can be introduced to the art of instinctive archery with a lot of fun. Just like its “big brother”, the Bearpaw Kids Slingshot is produced ​​for us in Germany by hand and its used round rubbers are really powerful!

From now on the young shooters also get their jollies with the Bearpaw Kids Slingshot! Get this little package of fun even today in our online store! Now it’s time to react quickly and have fun!

Bearpaw Zwille Kids

Bearpaw Zwille Kids