The Bearpaw Slingshot

Bearpaw Zwille Zwistel

Improve Your Archery Technique

The new Bearpaw Slingshot is “the hit” for archers. 3 important and crucial points speak in favor of using the slingshot in training and practice:
1. The same instinctive “targetting technique” as in instinctive archery is used, trained and improved;
2. The same muscles are used and sensitized;
3. Fun in training and learning.

With both eyes open, the same instinctive braincenters and techniques as in archery are activated and trained. Similar movement sequences activate and sensitize our back muscles. Also, shooting the slingshot is huge fun and thereby enriches the archery training for children and youths as well as adults. Feelings like joy and excitement help enjoy experiences more intensely and therefore help store and retrieve memories more easily. This again helps improve the shooter’s instinctive technique.

Bearpaw Zwille Zwistel

The slingshot is handmade in Germany. Its ammunition is 100% biodegradable and can therefore be used and shot in the wild with a good conscience. Just like the slingshot, the ammunition is made out of wood.

The Bearpaw Slingshot is an absolutely great product and should lie under each and every Christmas tree no later than December 24th.

Improve Your Archery Technique!

The Bearpaw Slingshot
(Handmade in Germany)

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