The Bow Hook from Bearpaw Products and a few more!!


Why would you need a bow hook bow hook? We cant sy that a product such as this was on our radar! Our partners and manufacturers of leather goods produces this belt hook and nudged us again and again to steer our focus towards this product.The decisive factor for the production of this small and practical accessory was when we received feedback on the personal experiences of Henry Bodnik during his last stay in the United States. While climbing and getting into a Treestand you often have to have both hands free. The need for, and usefulness of this bow hook, were suddenly very obvious.


Together with the Bearpaw Bow Hookr there are a couple of other new products in our Internetshop that are now available.

50066-2Bearpaw Bow Hook
Having your hands free can be a great advantage at times! Whether noting the next hit on your score card or just climbing the ladder to your Treestand. The Bearpaw Bow Hook is a small but useful little helper and one you will learn to appreciate very quickly.

  • Material: metal with leather cover


Bow Sleeve Traditional
The bow Sleeve Traditional is produced using the finest buckskin and protects your bow from damage with style. For our top of the range bow sleeve we use only the finest quality soft and thick leather to be able to meet the highest standards.
Also the Bow Sleeve Traditional is available as three different variants to ensure there is the right one for your bow.

  • Size Bow Sleeve Recurve: 180 cm X 18 cm
  • Size Bow Sleeve Recurve: 152 cm X 12 cm
  • Size Bow Sleeve Recurve: 193 cm X 12 cm
  • Material: buckskin honey brown

7089030 Meter Shock Cord
On many of our Arm Guards you will see that we use only this robust, stretchy rubber cord. Even in this area we use only the best quality materials available.

  • Length: 30 Meter
  • Colour: Yellow/Brown

The new are now available from all good Bearpaw stockists or directly via our Bearpaw Shop:

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