The Brandnew Bodnik Whisper String

Henry Bodnik’s personal bowstring is a new hybrid* string which was developed in collaboration with renowned American archers.

The Whisper String guarantees a fast arrow flight with an incredibly soft shot. The ends of the string are additionally reinforced and therefore protect your bow from damage. The Whisper String is created from three different materials which give it its specific qualities.

When tested with an accustic device, the Whisper String convinced us because it was more silent than a Fast Flight String with attached noise absorbers, when the Whisper String itself was shot without noise absorbers.

Especially for cheaper bows as well as for high end bows which can be shot with a Fast Flight string, we recommend the use of this incredibly high achieving string. It can prevent your bow from damage that might otherwise be inflicted by the much harder Fast Flight string.

We recommend the following number of strings:

All bows up to 40 lbs: 8 strands
All bows from 41 lbs: 10 strands

The string has a thicker center to ensure a tight fit of most standard nocks.

There are 3 important reasons for the new Bodnik Whisper String:

  • The new whisper-quiet hybrid string dims the unpleasantly loud shooting noise considerably
  • It is a powerful string with an ultimate “Fast Flight” performance
  • The Whisper String protects your bow and minimizes damage

You can buy the Whisper String as an inidvidual custom string (90018) in our Bearpaw Shop.

Henry Bodnik shoots an 8 strand Whisper String with his 53 lbs bow.

Hybrid = bundled, crossed, mixed

Bodnik Whisper String