The Byron Ferguson Days at Bearpaw Products – June 2011

We are proud that we could invite this famous gentleman to Germany and to be the host of him. All members of the Bearpaw team are much exited and we are looking forward for the next days with Byron Ferguson here in Rossach as well as at the fair in Eisenbach in the German Black Wood forest.

Byron Ferguson Produkt Banner

Bearpaw Products is focused the next days to the visit of Byron and the traditional archery fair in Eisenbach. Over the course of the last months more then 400 tickets are sold already for the trick shooting event there. Remainder tickets can be bought directly at the booth of Bearpaw Products in Eisenbach. Retails price there will be 28 Euro.

Byron will arrive in Rossach already in 3 days. Here he will present his product line for Europe in front of Bearpaw dealers and friends. Of course he will be available for you also, if your have other questions in regards to products, traditional archery or in general to our sport! On Friday the 1st of July Byron, with his son Zachary as well as Tim Cosgrove from Kustom King Arrows and Henry Bodnik, will be travelling already to Eisenbach to the fair to prepare for the show.

The bow is designed and used by Byron Ferguson

Z-Bow designed by Byron Ferguson

Bow length 66″

This bow was realized in close cooperation between Byron Ferguson and Bearpaw Products. Here Byrons ideas and though were realized so in order to get a high precision shooting bow. For Byrons world wide events he needs a bow which is absolutely precise and reliable shooting to the centre point. Technical features (Tiller, balanced work on the limbs, etc.) have to be done very precisely in order to fulfil his requests. On purpose a conservative design was used with straight constructions. Power and Arrow speed could be won by use of Carbon in the limbs. By the use of the optimized limb geometry as well as rather low mass also the hand shock could be minimized.

The Byron Ferguson bow is sold for 568 Euro. At the Fair in Eisenbach it will be sold with a market introduction price of 500 Euro.

Please notice furthermore: On the trick shooting events of Byron Ferguson at each day one Byron Ferguson Bow, signed by him, will be raffled under the attending audience.

Byron Ferguson Z-Bow designed by Byron Ferguson

Byron Ferguson Back Quiver

Here we could realize the original Back quiver from Byron Ferguson in high details. Even the elaborate pearl embroidery had been realized. This quiver is a real value part. Our Leather plant can produce it with very interesting conditions and therefore we can sell it for 98 Euro in the retail market. At the Fair in Eisenbach we sell it to a market introduction price of 90 Euro.

Byron Ferguson Rückenköcher


Byron Ferguson armguard

The armguard of Byron Ferguson is a very functional and steady one, which protects the forearm very well against any hit of the bow string.

The armguard will be sold for 25 Euro at retails. At the Fair in Eisenbach we sell it to a market introduction price of 20 Euro.

Byron Ferguson Armschutz

Byron Fergusons Heavy Hunter Carbon Shafts

At this product line all details will be published on our webblog by Wednesday the 29th June.

Please notice that Bearpaw Products will certainly be at the fair in Eisenbach only with limited portfolio. Further details can be seen on our blog this week.